1° March 2021: The National Aerobatic Patrol Celebrates 60 Year


It was March 1, 1961 when six F-86E “Sabre” aircrafts with livery of the “Prancing Horse” arrived at Rivolto (Udine) airbase. Waiting for them on the ground, their first Commander: Major Mario Squarcina. Thus, the first cell of the “Special Acrobatic Unit”, the original nucleus of Frecce Tricolori, was established.

Sixty years have gone since that day and, now as then, Frecce Tricolori have the pride to represent the values, technology, expertise and the capacity to work as a team of the Italian Air Force.
Since sixty years, the National Aerobatic Patrol has taken its performances to 48 countries around the world – from America to Russia, from Northern Europe to Middle East and North Africa – spreading the Tricolor flag over the most beautiful places and during the most meaningful events in the Country’s history. A symbol of Italianness and sense of community.

The anniversary falls in a particularly difficult moment, in which the importance of staying united and teaming up is renewed and strengthened. For this reason, on May 2020, carried out a historic overflight of all the Italian regional capitals, an initiative that took its name from the strong symbolic value of “Abbraccio Tricolore”, ended with the overflight of Rome on 2nd June – the Republic Day.

“Frecce Tricolori are known and appreciated, and they carry our Tricolor flag all over the world” declared the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, Air Squad General, Alberto Rosso. “They synthesize all the technology, passion, ability, competence and professionalism that Italy is able to export and bring to the world”.

Frecce Tricolori’s history is made by passion and competence, and men and women who took part of them in sixty years contributed to make it renowned. “Human factor inside the National Aerobatic Patrol – says Tenente Colonnello Gaetano Farina, Frecce Tricolori’s Commander – is essential. We speak about a team, not single person, not only pilots but also all people who work on the ground. We’re looking for who is able to work in team, but also who is able to get involved and to accept critics”.

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1° March 2021: The National Aerobatic Patrol Celebrates 60 Year
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